Luv and Learning

Luv and Learning

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amish friendship bread :) YUM

 Shea chillin in the giant chair reading his library book.  He requested the last diary of the wimpy kid book and its at the library waiting for him.  He has zero interest in reading the book shown here but he was required to read some...even if its all about the wimpy kid tomorrow! :)
 Today for lunch we had pizza rolls, corn, and for dessert Amish friendship bread.
Maelin's artwork for the day.  I love this! LOL

 As we went outside today at some point this is what we found! LOL!  The sister missionaries came and stuck it in the door frame which literally filled up the whole thing.  You know everyone needs a little laugh/pick me up!  All I've got to say to the sisters is I love you more!  I really should have had Mylee come and get in the picture.  How did she escape my camera today!?!
The sisters also came by to make amish friendship bread!  Wonder what goodies tomorrow will bring!?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Luv and Learning is for the bees! haha

Today our field trip to the bee farm started with an early, hour long drive to foxworth, MS!

 Here our tour guide Mr. Wesley is showing us an old bird house that is visited by a blue bird 3 times a year to lay eggs.
 Getting a look at some of the hives that were destroyed by beetles.
This is his well that is over 570 ft deep!

 We all got to take turns drinking from it.  It had a little metallic taste to it but he explained to us how he runs it through a filter for drinking

The bees start to get active when the sun begins to shine.  We were there at just the right time to watch them starting to come and go!

Here is everyone meeting the "bee angel" that hangs on the tree "blessing" the bees :)

 Mr. Wesley was very knowledgeable and taught us all about the organization of the bee family.  He has won blue ribbons for his honey for 6 years in a row at the state fair.
 Grover was the dog who went on the tour with us.... I'm not sure which one enjoyed the company more...Mr. Wesley or Grover.  I know we were enjoying them too!
Honey comb frame

                                                   The kids got to take turns dressing up in one of the bee keeper suits and walking over to the hive with some help for a closer look.  They LOVED it!

You can barely find Maelin in that thing. haha

Kevin got to suit up and help "smoke" the bees before the kids walked over to the hives.
Mr. Wesley showing us an active "frame."

 Maelin and I holding very still while the beekeeper is showing us the bees!
Mr. Wesley...A wonderful man with a wonderful story!  He was so nice and very happy to help and teach.  Thank you!

 Shea in the honey house seeing how the honey goes from hive to honey jars!  First the frame gets the top wax cut off, then the frame goes into the next machine and spins around very quickly.  Then the honey is strained and moved to the final storage tank.

Ready to bottle!  He was kind enough to give each child their own "bear" full of honey!  What a fantastic field trip.  Hope everyone else learned something new about honey or honey bees during september...National Honey Month!  I know we did!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

 Mylee being silly.  You know it really is sad that the kids are so upset about this homeschooling thing.  They must really be missing out. ;)

Shea is getting his game face on in preparation for our ASL verb game!  The kids are just about confident in all 80 vocab words.  Time to start on some nouns!

 Hershey was given a new bone today!  Mylee says it looks he dug up a dead cow and is gnawing on one of its legs. Hhaha
Shea is slicing up the jalepenos from our garden to add to our "spicy pickled green beans."  We LOVED them at the farmer's market and this is the first time we've tried to make them.  Too bad we have to wait a couple of days to try them!

Yummy!! (we hope anyway) LOL

 Today for lunch we had mini angus steak burgers from Sam's club.  They were very good!  The kids had already been kind of eating their side dishes while waiting for the burgers to cook so this is the best picture I have to offer.  Shea ate two so I guess he enjoyed them :)
For art today we made beaded necklaces. 

Tomorrow we are finally going on our long awaited field trip.  Check in tomorrow to find out where we are going!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Field trip for teacher ;)

Kid's journal assignment for the day.

I had the kids' day all planned because Kevin was teaching today.  I had a "field trip."  One of my best friends that I spent most of my childhood with (jenny Garrett) is currently living in Georgia.  We decided to each drive 3 hours ish and meet for lunch!  It was the best.  Tomorrow I'll find out how much they actually accomplished. haha

This may not appear super yummy now but dumped in a pan and heated it was their lunch....roast beef. Yum!

My friend Jenny!!!  Tuscaloosa was the perfect meeting spot and I hope we get to do it again before she heads back to AZ!!!   Thanks Jenny, I love you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another week complete

maelin being silly at lunch...I think every picture of her will be with this very face for the next year! LOL

Shea busy with science
Mylee is working on division with remainders.  Lots of dry erase board writing required! :)

Spelling tests on the computer today.  Shea and I are working on some phonics and study games for his spellings.  Seems to be making a big difference.  Today's score 18 out of 20. Yay!

Lunch today was a mexican fiesta including taquitos, beans, chips and salsa.  Didn't have cilantro for fresh salsa but the kids seemed satisfied with Pace for the day.  (they are food snobs so you never know) haha

This creature came scooting around the corner of the couch today...too funny! Any guesses as to who it is?!!

Shea has been waiting for Walmart to get some more slingshots.  Kevin took him to check today and he had luck!  built in fun for the weekend.  As Maelin would say, "Bye, Cya."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy first day of fall

This was our audience for the speeches that Shea and Mylee presented today.  They decided that they wanted to give speeches too...before long everyone was taking turns.
Today's lunch definitely reflected yesterday's shopping! (Thanks Nanny and Pappy for your donation to the Luv and Learning cafeteria staff)  Mini corndogs, french fries, corn and not pictured here..Halloween oreos!
Today in 1938 a large 7 ft time capsule was buried in New York.  Today for Journal Shea and Mylee wrote down 10 favorite facts and buried their own time capsule in the back yard.

Today was piano day :)  The kids are doing very well.
Candyland seems to be the hot game these days.  Tierney and Maelin haven't quite figured out all the rules but they are happy playing it their way. haha