Luv and Learning

Luv and Learning

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mylee loves to work in the yard!  I think she'd make a great farmer.  She and Kevin are planting corn!  I cannot wait for our new azaleas to bloom and to get our garden growing!

As soon as Tierney saw the camera come out she assumed her position. LOL!

Shea is enjoying a little basketball in the driveway on a break.  We squeezed in lots of work today but the outside moments seem to be the best!  The weather has been so nice lately.

Our library books are due wednesday and if I have to ask to check out Little House on the Prairie for a 3rd time I will die of embarrassment so we read like crazy today.  The kids were extremely amused by this picture of practically naked indians and the weird looking baby in the background! LOL

Lunch time before P.E.  Ravioli, rolls and grape koolaid.  Or as Maelin would say "Abioli's" hahah....Monday...Check!

This post is very over due!

Kevin had the kids help him till up some areas of the yard and rearrange some things. The dog seemed to like the location chosen for the picnic table!

Shea and Mylee have been working on contrasting essays.  Mylee is contrasting reading books against watching t.v.  Its kind of funny how some facts such as "books are not electronic" have changed!  Many books are "electronic" in a sense. haha

We kicked Hershey off the table so that we could sneak in a picnic of peanut butter jelly and tator tots on this lovely spring afternoon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mylee and Shea are studying matter and its properties.  Here she is blowing air into this bag and watching the book be lifted up!  Who knew air could be so fun?!

Meanwhile, Tierney and Maelin lovingly take turns with the rollerblades. haha

Shea is busying dividing decimals!

Then it was subs for lunch to get a little energy before it was time to ......

Jump on bicycles and head to piano lessons!  I love that they have been able to do that.  I hope our friends move close enough to send them down in the evenings next year!
I must confess that we did not get a lot of work done on valentine's day! Shea and Mylee ran some errands with Dad and visited Aunt Jennifer and baby Lily at the hospital.

Then of course there were valentine's parties...

Valentine's candy....

a box from Nanny to open...

P.E., ballet and of course....horseback.  Thanks to Aunt Kim keeping the other kids, I was able to sit and enjoy Mylee's ride.  Man is she getting good!

Friday Feb. 11

Shea is supposed to be hard at work..but he seems more interested in the string cheese. haha

Mylee's picture of lunch seems to have was corn dogs by request.  Tierney is more excited to be gobbling up a rainbow sherbert mini cone!

Before we knew it...the day had flown by and it was off to Shea's basketball game. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowy day...but NOT a snow day :( haha

This reading workbook next to the fire with no kids to be found is a good description of our morning.  School was not canceled but we had to spend lots of time this morning while we still had some snow, collecting cupfuls and making snowballs. 

Steering clear of nuggets!...baked potatoes and salad.  Yummy!

Beautiful cold day :) Next week will be sunshine and spring like weather!

Liam's birthday :)

Shea and mylee are trying to book it through school so we can get lunch and head to Clinton Park to see Liam.

We pulled in to the parking lot and Maelin said "We made it!" haha

Birthday lunch with my 7 year old!

Not sure what he was doing! It was a great lunch date.  Happy birthday

Monday, February 7, 2011

Is monday over yet? haha

first item of business this morning....pine wood derby car! They are having too much fun!

Mylee must be fed up with the camera because I was just trying to snap a picture of her amidst her morning routine and she was not having it! LOL

One of the kids asked what we were having lunch...when I told them they said "oh, the usual."  Time to spruce up the Luv and Learning February menu!!

After P.E. it was off to ballet.  Look at my little princesses!  too cute :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shea is working on a collage for scouts :)

Mylee's apron for Activity Days...made with her Great Grandmother's fabric...I took off an old tag that said "Deseret Industries, Mesa .29 cents" hahaha

Shea's shirt on clearance for 1$ with a 2$ iron on...3$ Steeler long sleeve shirt.  Can't beat that!  Bring on the superbowl!

lunch was a variety of soups today...perfect for a cold winter day

Bunch of random birds wondering why it is so cold this far south?! LOL

Tierney fell asleep in about one minute...I moved her to the soft couch but before I did..Liam came home and saw her and said "Mom! do you know that Tierney is dead?!" haha  silly kids!