Luv and Learning

Luv and Learning

Monday, December 13, 2010

Volcano fun!

 Shea and Mylee have been studying volcanoes!  So they created their very own.  They used a flour dough and an milk bottle to create their volcano.

When they were done with the shaping we added a few drops of dish soap, food coloring and baking soda to the empty milk bottle.....

Kevin added the vinegar and the fun began!

We wished that we had used more food coloring for our lava but it was still explosive!

The little girls were complaining about how it smelled so Shea and Mylee pretended to eat it!  Overall the science project was fun for the entire family!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trace Farm Field trip!

 Here is Maelin telling Tierney,
"Na na na boo boo"
Here's what she gets. haha

 When I asked Shea what he was doing
he told me that he was trying to push
the answer up to his brain! hhahaha!
Today we had grilled cheese and corn..Yum!

 Then it was off to pick up Liam and go to Trace Farm.  It was so fun!  Tierney is milking the pretend cow! LOL
The field trip crew...the sun was kind of in their eyes! haah

Hay y'all!


Liam! wow!

The corn box was my favorite thing....I've been to many pumpkin patches and I've never seen this before!  too fun!

this is my absolute favorite picture of the day!  Wish I had a camera that would allow me to blow it up huge!!

Time to go home..with 7 pumpkins in hand...toasted seeds here we come!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday is so busy!

 Today we had spelling tests....Shea is joining Mylee at the computer to watch her study. haha....I snagged him up and did some phonics work with him concerning the el sound.  He got 17/20 on his test!  I was proud of him.
 Kevin has been very motivated to paint the trim in our game room and in the kitchen.  So it has been somewhat of a construction zone around here.  Our homeschool stuff was all over today so this is Mylee's makeshift desk! hahah
Lounging on the couch doing science.  Must be tough.

Today for lunch I threw on some Ramen noodles and then I headed up to clinton park to have lunch with Liam.  He was surprised to see me.  What a treat...for me too!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally Friday

 Mylee was reading a science reader about ecosystems...she decided Hershey needed to do some reading too.
For lunch today we had chicken noodle soup, crackers and salad....

Shea decided we also needed to have some peanut butter sandwiches since it is National Nut Day after all! haha

 We feed the 4 missionaries tonight so there is lots of cooking going on.  Tierney is helping me make cowboy cookies.
Liam went on a trip to the pumpkin patch and brought home the first pumpkin of the season...he couldn't wait to cook the seeds!

This is the creepy ghost we found in the girls closet!  Boo!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family Read Night

 Today the kids talked about art since a famous contemporary art museum opened in new york today years ago.  They both liked this painting....for the colors.
Shea is doing a "hunting" experiment to see what factors would make it easier or more difficult for animals in an ecosystem to locate food.  We took white, yellow, red and green pieces of paper and dumped them in the grass.  Yellow seemed most difficult and red was definitely the easiest to spot!

 meanwhile,  Tierney and Maelin rode their bikes around...and yes don't worry I was watching them ;)
Mylee and Maelin are enjoying their spaghetti o's for lunch while watching Max and Ruby!

This evening we went to Liam's school for family read was Groovy!

maelin in her Groovy gear

Visiting reader's theater...we read a book about a pigeon finding a hot dog. haha..they had different characters for different stories.  Very cute.

 There were 3 bounce houses outside to play on...this angle makes it look like a wall of death. haha....Maelin could do it so it surely wasn't!

Tierney have too much fun in the bounce house!

 My little kitty cat....
and my puppy dog! :)

Riff Raff hanging outside of the school having snow cones!

And yes...Shea still had to learn his piano songs for the day before bed...he actually really enjoys it so he didn't mind too much :) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 really is wednesday now.

Mylee's gourmet toast. haha

For ASL Shea and Mylee and had to sign 5 sentences to Kevin...he's more critical than I am.

Today's lunch was subs, chips of choice and carrots.

Liam visited the book fair today :)

Today was busy to say the least...fortunately there was only one test between the 2 kids today...which was social studies.  And here it still sits on the table..between P. E, Activity day girls, scouts and a primary presidency meeting we just didn't have time to squeeze everything in!