Luv and Learning

Luv and Learning

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mylee loves to work in the yard!  I think she'd make a great farmer.  She and Kevin are planting corn!  I cannot wait for our new azaleas to bloom and to get our garden growing!

As soon as Tierney saw the camera come out she assumed her position. LOL!

Shea is enjoying a little basketball in the driveway on a break.  We squeezed in lots of work today but the outside moments seem to be the best!  The weather has been so nice lately.

Our library books are due wednesday and if I have to ask to check out Little House on the Prairie for a 3rd time I will die of embarrassment so we read like crazy today.  The kids were extremely amused by this picture of practically naked indians and the weird looking baby in the background! LOL

Lunch time before P.E.  Ravioli, rolls and grape koolaid.  Or as Maelin would say "Abioli's" hahah....Monday...Check!

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